My first yak

After about two months of looking at kayaks and trying them out I decided on a Ocean Kayak Trident 15. Was going to go buy one at a local place some time this week, but got a call today from a friend of a friend needing help moving stuff. Little did I know he owned a kayak store in Northern Florida, and what he couldn't sell before he closed, he put in storage. Now wouldn't you know it, but that's what I was going to help him move, his KAYAK STUFF. He had a 15'OK Prowler and a 13'OK Prowler and 11 other kayaks, I decided on the 15'. So whats your price for it. Now I just about had a heart attack when he told me he'd sell it to me for >>>>>>$850<<<<<< for helping him move. I can say I'm a proud owner of a new Ocean Kayak Prowler 15 and happy at the deal I got! Plus he thought in wheels and a paddle, so I'm good to go.:driver


  • krashkrash Posts: 634 Officer
    Congrats, Ok 15 good choice.. that kayak is a fishing work horse.
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    Mad yaker...
    Are you interested in another trident 15, identical to your yellow prowler. Mine is rigged with anchor trolleys on both sides, front an aft. I'd let it go for $850... There's nothing i don't like about it... I just wanted to venture into a Jackson Cuda model :)
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