How do you like the new lay out?



  • jumboshrimpjumboshrimp Posts: 820 Officer
    not as busy :huh
    In what cold hell is this format less busy?
  • wizfisherwizfisher Posts: 2,387 Officer
    Yesterday was opposite day.
  • SaltysackSaltysack Posts: 463 Officer
    I'm starting to see what this really is. It's not a new forum's a page that is barely updated unless PalmBeachPete wants to market himself a bit more. Dude, really? I can honestly say, I've never seen a fishing report come from you since I've used this does that work? :huh
  • quatinquatin Posts: 598 Officer
    This forum is getting less and less user friendly. I understand how you want a webpage for advertising, but the forum should remain a separate entity. Organizing the forum into 5 sub-forums made sense in preparation for a larger user base, but I don't understand the point of this recent layout.
  • PlightPlight Posts: 27 Greenhorn
    I think the "home page" looks awesome... clicking on the "No motor zone" and being taken to a home page is cool. However, having a link to each individual forum isn't cool or typical and doesn't make too much sense to me. I belong to many forums and have never seen it being set up this way, maybe its a new thing.

    Also, someone said it, the biggest problem with this layout is that you can't see if there have been any new posts unless you click each individual link.... This is bad and inconvenient.

    That's my feedback.
  • NSByakNSByak Posts: 424 Officer
    So is anyone that counts taking what we are saying into consideration? I've seen so many threads floating around different parts of the forums that are asking for feedback. THere is a TON of negative feedback, yet things remain the same. I'd link to them, but I could never find them again in this god awful maze of forum and non-forum pages.
  • bobert421bobert421 Posts: 397 Deckhand
    It looks nice, but is not user friendly. Not a fan.
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  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Posts: 2,620 Captain
    Saltysack, I have not been on the water this year and it will be two more weeks before I can can make it back to the water. Had some work done on the hand that has stopped most everything I do. I had most of the bandages taken off this past week and was able to do the show this weekend.
    As for the layout, it is FS that puts up the pic and what is on the front page. Now all I do is be the Moderator on the fourm and dream of the day that I can make back on the water. It will be soon.
  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Posts: 2,620 Captain
  • SaltysackSaltysack Posts: 463 Officer
    Pete, was just making an observation. I have been on the forum for 1.5 yrs and haven't seen a fishing report. Don't get me wrong, dyin to get on the water and bust eachothers balls alongside double hookups. Hopefully we'll see you at this next tourney.
  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Posts: 2,620 Captain
    When I do make it back on the water I will give you a call. Have not been offshore for a long time. Hope I will be good for the tournament. If not I will try to be there to see how you do. I started to do video more last year over posting reports but this year I will be doing both.
  • Diver43Diver43 Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Pete I have been reading your fishing reports for years. I have not participated much for a looong time, but have learned a lot about yak fishing from your posts. Hope you heal well and get back on the water soon.
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