Sure signs to determine if small ponds/small lakes have any bass?

I'm in college full-time and I work almost full-time. Needless to say my fishing opportunities are a very small window. I can usually only (freshwater) fish a couple times a week between 5pm-dark. I've wasted countless hours trying various ponds and lakes around my house. Is there anything that I should be looking for? Whether it is certain vegetation, size of pond, water clarity, water level? Any tips would be appreciated to cut down on the time I spend on lifeless ponds.

Not sure if location has any relevancy either, but I live right near the UCF Football stadium.


  • GermGerm Posts: 1,704 Captain
    I look for minnows, not a sure sign, but it helps. You never know for sure though till you try. I was trying a small pond where I lived, the bottom was pretty much sand and nothing else. first cast I had a 5# catfish nail my rapala.
  • SnookmeisterSnookmeister Posts: 1,035 Officer
    Look for clear water, submerged and emergent vegetation, any small fish, cormorants, and just general signs of activity. Check out my blog, the link is in my signature at the bottom of my posts. I wrote an article on bassin in small ponds. I included a good bit of info on exactly this topic. Good luck man!
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  • JesseJamesJesseJames Posts: 2,408 Officer
    The two ponds on campus right next to Brighthouse Stadium both hold fish.
  • GrillaGGrillaG Posts: 1,259 Officer
    look for minnows, no minnows=no fish
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