Need advice for tackle for Yankee Capts trip

I'm going on the 3day Limited Load Mutton Marathon in April. I was thinking of bring my Shimano Trinidad 30 with 30lb mono and Shimano Trynos 30 single speed with 50lb mono both on 8 foot rods. Would that be ok? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


  • Yankee CaptsYankee Capts Posts: 905 Officer
    The Shimano Trynos is too big. I would use the Trinidad as your main set up and keep the other as a back up.

    I am sure others will chime in.

  • tanboy561tanboy561 Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    I figure that much that why I posted the question. What pound test would you recomend on the Trinidad?
    Thanks, for the help.
  • privateer19privateer19 Posts: 420 Deckhand
    The lighter the better on this stuff. Keep in mind you will be holding them for 30+ hours. I rarely use anything heavier than 30# mono main line and a 50# leader. You can really apply a lot of pressure on a fish with 30. Just look after you line during the trip change it if it gets nicked or roughed up as you never know when that great fish is going to hit.
  • tanboy561tanboy561 Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the advice. I will bring Trinidad 30 and the Torium 30.
  • JmeisJmeis Posts: 152 Officer
    I have fished several trips on the Capts, take a few rigs and maybe an extra reel. I have taken (and transported from Michigan) 10 outfits many times and I can tell you I have never used more then 3 of them any trip. My favorite is a Trinidad 30 with 30 or 40 Momoi diamond, quality leader and hooks, (thanks AA and Liti). Greg and Matt have said time and again fresh bait and presentation is the key and that is without a doubt the very best info you can get. Fresh bait is the easy part, presentation is not as easy, but there is plenty of help on the boat. LIsten to what they tell you and if you don't understand ask again. There really are not many secrets on the boat just pay attention and be respectful and you will have an awesome trip.
  • tanboy561tanboy561 Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the advices. I have been doing a lot research and like you said fresh bait is key. I will be looking for bait the day we leave. Question I have is has anyone use blue fish for bait. The reason why Im asking they should still be running around time. I will try bring grennies, pin fish, hoos, and macks.
  • Reel TeaseReel Tease Posts: 657 Officer
    Try to get your hands on some Speedo's
    Speedo's = Mutton Candy :obscene

    Goodluck on your trip! Post some photos afterwards
  • tanboy561tanboy561 Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    Thanks for tip. Will do on the photos. I cant wait!!!!
  • real crazyreal crazy Posts: 63 Greenhorn
    40# main line is my choice. Fresh bluefish, ladyfish, mackeral and crevelle are all good baits.
  • Yankee CaptsYankee Capts Posts: 905 Officer
    Ladyfish too. It has been a great producer in years past. This year too.

  • tanboy561tanboy561 Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    I would have never know that.
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