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Stradic FI handles (grips)



  • jbiblerjbibler Posts: 168 Deckhand
    It's not like this is happening in the first year, not for me anyways. I actually prefer the rubber on the old FI's versus the new Evo handles for overall comfort & grip when reeling.
    I've replaced all the handles on all six of my FI reels already, if I get another 3-5 years out of them I'll be satisfied. Of course I'm using new Sustains with Evo handles now, so the FI's are just backup.
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  • TinkerTinker Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Lurking. Sorry. This forum thread popped-up when trolling thru Google.

    My handle has gone Gummi-bears twice, and I'm in the Pacific Northwest - so you can eliminate sunshine (what sun?) and sunscreen, WD40, Gulp!, and water quality (it's impossible to believe there'd be similar water quality questions). It has never been exposed to spilled sodas, engine exhaust, fish slime (that's what gloves are for), salt, salt removers, reel lubricants, hair spray, or nicotine. Hard to work up a sweat in 50-degree weather with winds like ours, but maybe I'm just so acidic that even a dry touch is rotting it away..?

    Bought mine online, so maybe it was shipped from Florida, but what would be the odds? Tracking said it ws shipped from Seattle, but Neptune knows where they got it.
  • AbyssAbyss Posts: 28 Deckhand
    I have 2 Stradic 3000 FI's and 2 Stradic 5000 FI's and all 4 are having problems with the rubber knobs. I contacted Shimano and the guy I spoke with said he never heard of the issue, after reading all this that sounds like BS to me. They want $19 each to replace the knobs but that's going to be hard to justify knowing it's only going to last a few years.

    If the product Shimano was using in these reels is not holding up to "the environment" they need to replace it with something that will and take care of the customers who already bought these reels. I'd rather have a hard plastic knob that lasts vs replacing a piece of crap ever few years.

    If this is the same material that they put on the Stella I'm sure you'll hear about it when that starts failing.
  • bantam1bantam1 Posts: 541 Officer
    We have a few new people on the phones that may not be aware of the material being affected by certain chemicals. We chose this material because of the non slip properties. We tried other materials that did not meet our expectations. Unfortunately the Septon material is not resistant to all chemicals that are used in fishing. Some were created well after we decided to use Septon. The other options have been EVA and carbon, and this is being used on some models. Some people do not like the EVA, while others have no problem with it. We have tasked the engineers and QC teams to find a suitable replacement. So far they have not been able to find something that we feel is acceptable.
  • bearohsbearohs Posts: 166 Officer
    Reading this now and have a 4000stradic with the same handle issue. Where do I acquire a replacement part that wont do this?
  • Bilge RatBilge Rat Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Interaction of plastics is a cause of one or both to degrade. Plastic worms melt many plastics as an example.
    The handle may be coming into contact with other plastics/compounds and having a reaction. Sunlight may speed up this action.
    Plastics outgas chemicals for a long time and one or more of these may be interacting and causing a brakedown in the handle.

    I hope they find out the combination of whats going on.
  • bearohsbearohs Posts: 166 Officer
    I have not used mine outside of a sabiki for 3 years. Last year hasnt been used much at all, went to use it and had 2 splits on teh handle on the same area each side of the handle.

    I just want to know where to get a replacemnt.
  • bearohsbearohs Posts: 166 Officer
    Dang, went fishin yesterday and brought trout rods and noticed that the handles on ALL my stradics are split.

    Say what you want, but this is a shimano design issue. Falt Dupont but you all are the ones that decided to put it on your product...
  • bantam1bantam1 Posts: 541 Officer
    Call us up to obtain replacements 877-577-0600
  • parker25parker25 Posts: 87 Greenhorn
    Didn't you read the fine print when you bought them...."do not expose to direct sunlight".
    I have the same problem and i am in Louisiana.Amazing you pay 150 for the reeland the "rubber"(septon)comes off and then they want an arm and a leg for the replacement part.
  • shadowwalkershadowwalker Posts: 2,200 Captain
    4800 hits on this thread and nobody has offered a simple answer yet, I don't know if I should venture in to this fray or not. Oh what the heck being a Shimano fan I'll take a cast at it. First encountered this problem some years ago on a few customers reels and not just Shimano by the way, several companies had similar if not the same material with the same problems. I found a simple, inexpensive, from fitting and durable fix. Heat shrink, yup that's right over size heat shrink, works wonders and been holding up for years with no further complaints or issues. The same heat shrink custom rod builders have been using to make some interesting grip covers for years. I just cut a band about inch and quarter slip it over the knob shrink it, then drum sand with a dremel tool to remove standing flash as necessary . When done right you'd have to look close to even notice it. Just remember what Mom used to say"If you can't fix the problem, fix a drink. Every problem is bigger when your sober."
  • bearohsbearohs Posts: 166 Officer
    I ordered the knobs but didnt know about some bushings or osmething and am now told to ship the reels to shimano and they will fix them as the parts are back ordered.. FUN..
  • RaceRace Posts: 34 Deckhand
    Has the Stradic FJ been out long enough to know if the Septon handles are falling apart on them, too?

    Does the current Symetre FL, Sahara FE and Sedona FD use the same handle material? What about the Spheros and the new Saragosa SW?

    And one other question - approx. how long did some of you guys have your Stradic FI before you noticed the handle falling apart?
  • FISHHUNTRFISHHUNTR Posts: 1,286 Officer
    So anyone know how much the replacement knobs are? I just found out I have 2 that are getting sticky and splitting:banghead
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  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 332 Deckhand
    I just ordered one to replace the knob on the Stella 4000 FD. Same problem as my Stradic FI.
  • bearohsbearohs Posts: 166 Officer
    update on my ordeal - doug in CSR is sending me entire new handle assemblies as I was told to send in mine so that the grips would get replaced with a bearing I didnt see.. that was 7/23 and now almost 2 months later have not heard a peep.. Fun.
  • bearohsbearohs Posts: 166 Officer
    another update - doug apparently did not do anything and I am still stuck with NADA.. great service Shimano....
  • bearohsbearohs Posts: 166 Officer
    wait.. today Dougs phone does not work... I get transferred he cant hear.. He calls back cant hear.

    Talk about crap service.
  • bantam1bantam1 Posts: 541 Officer
    Send me a PM with your info and I will have him contact you. We use a server for our phone service and there have been issues. The company is working on it and trying to correct the issue.
  • eb1326eb1326 Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Any resolution to this issue? I have 3 Stradics, 3000 Fi, 4000 FI, 5000 FI....all having this issue. I don't use sunscreen or insect repellent, or gulp and live in NY.
  • AbyssAbyss Posts: 28 Deckhand
    I've researched the issue and spoken with Shimano about it numerous times, your only options are: deal with the gummy handles until they disintegrate, purchase replacement handles, or toss the reels and start over. I recommended these reels to a number of my friends and family and I never hear the end of it...

    I fish a lot and they only seem to last 2 years before I need to replace them. I explained to Shimano I have penn and other reels that are over 30 years old and still functional but they said their customers prefer the feel of the septon/rubber and since the reel is no longer in production there's no incentive for them to fix the problem.
  • bantam1bantam1 Posts: 541 Officer
    The change was made to the new **** models. Septon was chosen for the improved grip surface when wet. Du Pont was the creator of this material.

    An easy option is to change to the EVA knobs that we use on the Stradic CI4+.
  • AbyssAbyss Posts: 28 Deckhand
    bantam1 wrote: »
    The change was made to the new **** models. Septon was chosen for the improved grip surface when wet. Du Pont was the creator of this material.

    An easy option is to change to the EVA knobs that we use on the Stradic CI4+.

    Please let me know what part numbers I need to replace the knobs on the Stradic 3000FI / 5000FI
  • bantam1bantam1 Posts: 541 Officer
    You will need several parts to make the conversion for the knob. It might be easier and cheaper to change the entire handle.
  • AbyssAbyss Posts: 28 Deckhand
    bantam1 wrote: »
    You will need several parts to make the conversion for the knob. It might be easier and cheaper to change the entire handle.

    If you could list exactly what parts are needed I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I called Shimano today and the representative said they don't support interchanging reel parts and couldn't confirm what was needed or if it even works but after a little prompting here's what I got from him. He actually suggested I check the internet forums for answers.

    Complete Handle assembly for Stradic 3000/5000FI - $52.13

    Knob only for the Stradic 3000/5000FI, (part RD8170) - $17.72

    Complete Handle assembly for Stradic 3000CI4 - $43.09
    Here's the list of parts he suggested I'll probably need - if it works at all:

    RD11287 Knob $13.57
    RD13844 $1.41
    RD10683 .38c
    RD13269 $4.70
    RD2110 .33c

    RD13673 .52c
    RD16132 $4.94

    Total - $25.85

    I need to replace 4 of them so if these are the only parts I need and this works it seems like a good way to go and I can swap them out the next time I service the reels.
  • Jetex2801Jetex2801 Posts: 540 Officer
    You only need the knob and and the metal plate that covers the eva, the existing bearings will fit right int
  • AbyssAbyss Posts: 28 Deckhand
    Jetex2801 wrote: »
    You only need the knob and and the metal plate that covers the eva, the existing bearings will fit right int

    Assuming we’re talking about either the STCI4+3000FA or STCI4+4000FA (there are several smaller versions of the CI4+…), both of them have different part numbers for the Knob’s and other components so I’d like to make sure I’m ordering exactly what I need so I get it right the first time.

    STCCI4+3000FA - http://fish.shimano.com/content/dam/shimanoweb/fish/sac-fish/en/techdocs/current-models--2-/STRADIC_CI4/STCI43000FA
    STCI4+4000FA - http://fish.shimano.com/content/dam/shimanoweb/fish/sac-fish/en/techdocs/current-models--2-/STRADIC_CI4/STCI44000FA

    Even if I can re-use the bearings, in addition to the knob and handle knob seal, it still looks like I’d also need a washer, screw, and O Ring which also have different part numbers between the two reels.

  • bantam1bantam1 Posts: 541 Officer
    The knobs and end caps are all that you should need. Use the knob for the 3000FA size for the 3000FI. For your 5000 you will need the 4000FA knob and end plate. I'm having trouble accessing my schematics at this moment. Give me a little time and I will post the exact part numbers that you will need.
  • bantam1bantam1 Posts: 541 Officer
    RD13673 x2
  • RaceRace Posts: 34 Deckhand
    bantam1 wrote: »
    The change was made to the new **** models. Septon was chosen for the improved grip surface when wet. Du Pont was the creator of this material.

    So, that apparently means the Stradic FJ will have this problem, too? As well as any other model with Septon handles?
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