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GroverGrover Posts: 64 Deckhand
Ok so i normally cast a fly to trout, pan fish and the odd largemouth / peacock bass.

This May i am going to be heading to Tampa for 2 days fly fishing for tarpon with a guide...Now i have never cast a 12wt before and obviously would like to get some practice in beforehand to make the most of the 2 days i am there and really up my chances of hooking and landing some nice fish

so I was thinking about buying a cheap / used setup off ebay simply for casting practice (leaving it at home when i go to tampa) however after lots of research it will only be a little more expensive to get a new rod/reel/line setup from bass pro shops (gold cup extreme fly rod outfit) and then i could always take it with me and use it on the 2 days

now i did do a search but couldn't find any information / reviews on this online really anywhere so was wondering if anyone here had any experience with this setup...i honestly don't want to spend more the $400 on a setup i will only really use for 2 days however i have been unable to find any sort of 12wt setup on ebay for less then $300 and that is for a well used piece of busted up tackle. I don't mind getting a really poor setup, a reel without a drag system and some 12wt line..literally just for casting but then i don't want to spend much for that

any thoughts on this setup or if you have a 12wt setup where the reel is a bit rusty, the line in ok condition and the rod good enough to practice casting with that you would sell :)



  • mtd885mtd885 Posts: 1,159 Officer
    If I were you I would call your guide and ask him what setup you will be using (including line). He may be using a 10 wt. Many guides in the Keys have downsized. I don't know what's happening up north. I use a BVK 10wt and I love it. I know the folks at TFO are working on a 12wt which may have hit the market by now. Redington has a new series of rods priced in your range, check them out.. I have a 10 wt CPS (which I'd consider selling, pm me) With that in mind choose a rod with a good warranty like TFO and Redington. As for reels, Sealevel fly fishing has their Extreme reels for sale for $300. I used one on a striper trip and they are a decent reel for the money especially if it's just for practice. Otherwise I'd look into a Nautilus. If you can find a Tibor Riptide or Gulfstream on ebay you will have a reel for your lifetime. Lots of choices out there good luck!
  • Elk ChaserElk Chaser Posts: 172 Deckhand
    Check with these guys at, I just got the 9'/8 wt 2 piece combo. Great basic level salt rod so far.
    I don't see any 10 or 12 wt combos though. charge shipping either:)
  • RCarbonRCarbon Posts: 256 Officer
    If you're going the used route... keep an eye on ebay for a Galvan T-12 fly reel. They will punish a tarpon and have a smooth, consistent drag. I just picked up a "back up" Galvan T-12 for $230 on Ebay... Pair it up to a decent rod (TFO Professional, Ticr, Scott STS, Loomis Crosscurrent, or older Sage RPLX and you may be able to make your $400 budget. You have to be patient and ready to pull the trigger, but you can get a serious tarpon outfit in great condition if you have the patience to wait for the right deal to come along.
  • AhabAhab Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    Casting a fly rod is casting a fly rod. If you're concerned about weight and rod size don't be,casting a quality rod is going to be different that a chinese made bass pro blank. I've had lots of anglers from up north go from a 6 wt to a 12 weight with no problem. If you have an overwhelming urge to practice, buy a used 12 wt rod like the ones mentioned about, or one of those bps roda and a fly line. No reel needed to cast, or buy a cheap plastic or stamped aluminum reel to hold the line. But I'll say it again casting is casting.
  • GroverGrover Posts: 64 Deckhand
    thanks for all the pointers guys....i think i am going to go with the option of just getting a cheap / used 12wt rod, plastic bucket and a spool of fly line

    If I was going to be doing it more often or just rolling around in $$$ i would be looking to buy something nice but as i am not it does not make sense

    So going to keep it simple and just get some practice in on a very basic setup

    thanks again
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