Line cleaner/dressing?

Elk ChaserElk Chaser Posts: 172 Deckhand
What do you guys use in the saltwater? I used armor all for years with no issues in fresh.


  • acesoveracesover Posts: 552 Officer
    I have been using the Cortland line cleaning pads they seem to work pretty well.
  • idlerickidlerick Posts: 218 Deckhand
    If you ask any of the line manufacturers, they'll tell you warm, soapy water with a clean water rinse and pull it thru a dry towel. Most line dressings actually clog the pores of modern lines.
    I know it's not needed, but I usually pull the dry line thru a pad with Glide line dressing. I shouldn't, as it leaves the line a little slicker and harder to grip at first and I end up dumping a cast or two.
  • Elk ChaserElk Chaser Posts: 172 Deckhand
    Thanks guys, thats what I needed
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