I posted this in the Shimano Forum but so far no replies

I posted this in the Shimano Forum but so far no replies

Between me and my fishing associates we have 4 Stradic's and 5 Sahara's we are just weekend warriors and only fish when the wife lets us. My point is the reels do not get used that often. Maybe 4 times a month at best.

At random times they all have done the same thing. Randomly the handle will get stuck and require a decent amount of force to get un-stuck. Seems to happen most when reels get wet and or cold. However they have done it when the reel is warm and dry.

example: cast out a jig, close the bail, slow retrieve, pause twitch....twitch......try to turn handle and it is stuck. Extremly frustrating, to the point you put the rod down. If you throw out and just do a steady retrieve like with a spinner bait no problem. It is the pause with a twitch/jiging action that causes the handle to stick.

I am not a reel repair tech, but it seems to me when the rotor rotates backwards a micrometer this is what causes the binding/sticking, like something in the infinite anti-reverse is malfunctioning. but that is just my uneducated guess!

After some research on the internet there have been 100's of people to have this same problem.

However I have not been able to find what actually causes this! Shimano has not owned up to this problem which is very dissapointing. I have been a loyal Shimano customer since I was 13 years old, so over 20 years.


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