PE 6-24 offshore...I did my part

Took out my old man who was visiting from up north, I was nervous about my recent experiences and other reports but it's a good excuse to take a day off from work.

Expecting 2 or less, we got out of PE at 8am to a snotty, choppy mess...****? Thought it was the rain clouds stirring things up so we headed out toward the sunshine. Everything began to smooth out.

Almost immediately, there were a lot of scattered weeds. At about 9 miles we find a nice organized and big weedline. Start trolling and quickly get a 14lb bull and a smaller schoolie...Kept the bull, threw back the legal schoolie. At this point a nasty rain storm caught up to us and with my dad on board, didn't want to deal with the storm so we headed further out dodging clouds.

Made it out to 18-20, no weeds, maybe 2-3 birds and started trolling in. Found a school of peanuts and messed with them for a while then gave up. Trolled some more toward land and found another big school. Got an 8lb cow and some other schoolies before losing track of them.

When your dad comes into town and you end up with fish in the cooler from a good day of fishing...nothing better.

As far as doing my part... I realized we had plenty of meat on board for my family and friends so we threw back quite a few legal schoolies to get bigger.

While waiting for the train bridge heading back up the River and we saw a boat that we passed in the inlet in the morning. Asked how they did and they excitedly said, dolphin everywhere, that was fun. Looks good for the weekend, have fun...we're hitting the golf course tomorrow.
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