been away for a while

Howdy photo folks. Been away for a while.. lost my log in.. but have been browsing.. there has been some great work posted.. I have been pretty busy with my real job but am still shooting.. I am being featured in the 2012 book of lists a annual journal of the top 100 corporations in the bay area... Also some personal shooting.. mostly scenics..check my site.

P.s. happy new year.


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    Hey pal. Good to see you and the gallery looks great.
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    thanks Guide.. I purchased a Tamron 10-22 didn't want to empty the wallet on a lens I wasn't sure I was going to use a lot.. seems I'm stuck in wide angle mode.. Its a decent lense.. not tack sharp like a Nikon or Canon pro lens but does the trick for the price..
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    nice images...all of them...
    if they were shot with the tamron...looks good to me...
    i have been shooting more on the wide side lately but all i have is the tamron 17-50 f2.8 which i love...
    but for some of the things i'm trying to accomplish i need something wider and don't have the funds for a piece of "L" glass...
    are you satisfied with the tamron???

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    Thanks Mac, For the price yes... Focal speeds are slower but I shoot mainly scenic shots so not much of any issue.. I'd have to use a high end lens to be able to give a fair assessment. I am having fun with it though..

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  • JDR aka BlueJDR aka Blue Posts: 43 Deckhand
    Journal feature.. book of lists.. an annual journal of the top 100 businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

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    Hey JD!!

    The Gallery is amazing. The shot of the little guy on the beach on page 5 I think it was, is simply remarkable.
  • JDR aka BlueJDR aka Blue Posts: 43 Deckhand
    Thank you.. sincerely! The lil guy.. is my son on his 1st beach day. It is funny you mention that image.. that was just a proud poppa shot however ironically got the ball rolling and me shoot professionally again after a 15 year hiatus.

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