A VERY early morning at the wetlands.

Started shooting before dawn. I got up and went because I thought there would be a fog cloud over the wetlands. There was not. I wanted some bird shots in the fog - but to no avail today.

Stayed for about 2 hours. Not a lot of birds today, but the GBH's were doing there thing. Thought I would share a few.

When I started shooting the 300mm f4 was struggling. Anyway, thought I would share a few.

I am putting space between the photos just for Eric!














  • GuidenetGuidenet Posts: 239 Officer
    Wow Craig, you've outdone yourself. They are very nice. I love the first two the most. I love humorous looking expressions. I love that Spoonbill very much too. Way to go.
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  • Travis GTravis G Kentucky😢Posts: 501 Deckhand
    im not a bird-watcher by any stretch but those are some incredible shots. very nice work
  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,415 AG
    Craig & Baycraft, thanks.......
  • barlow46barlow46 Posts: 312 Deckhand
    Great reflection on the Spoonbill.
    East Coast Florida
  • DustinDustin Posts: 99 Greenhorn
    Very Nice set. I think #1 is my favorite. Nice lightning, great expression, clean background, and the red eye really pops. The first GBH in-flight shot is nice as well, although I would prefer a little more room on the left side of the frame.

    Love the reflection on the spoonbill shot. With a little bit of fill flash, that would be my #1.
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