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brunyanbrunyan Posts: 229 Officer
I'm going on a mission trip to Belize in a week and during our trip we have 2 days of rest and relaxation to do whatever we please. My brother and I are looking to do some tarpon and bone fishing. Has anyone ever fished this area and recomend a guide or an area we can wade off the beach to hit some bone fish?

Thanks in advance.


  • First BornFirst Born Posts: 85 Deckhand
    I was there two years ago and saw bonefish swimming everywhere along the beach. We were about 7 miles north of San Pedro. Good luck!
  • jeffinbelizejeffinbelize Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Two great places to contact are Tres Pescados Fly shop (Jim Oliver runs the shop on front street in San Pedro, just north of Belize Bank) and El Pescador Lodge... Both are on-line and both can set you up with GREAT guides. Mario Graniel is a fantastic guide for tarpon. In terms of wading form the beach, depends on what part of the island you're staying at. If you're staying north of town, the flat just north of Journey's End (4 miles north) is pretty consistent for bonefish. You're best bet though if you're only here for two days is to DEFINITELY go out with a guide. They areas you'd really want to hit are only accessible by boat (Savannah flats, Cayo Francis area up north, etc.) Lot's of folks landing permit in the lagoons in the back/up north the past couple weeks. Good place to go too to get out of the wind (been WINDY the last week.)
  • brunyanbrunyan Posts: 229 Officer
    Thanks for the input Jeff. I will let you know how we do.
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