Bam Bam Fishing Report - 12/30 that a Reel Keeper?

ReelKeeperReelKeeper Jacksonville, FLPosts: 39 Greenhorn
Imagine that, another awesome day to remember while fishing with my boys and good friends!

Justin, Brandon and I were invited onto the 34' CC Fountain run by one of former ReelKeeper Fishing Team members. We literally have not been offshore in years and we would like to thank Larry and crew for an awesome day on the water. We departed Vilano Ramp at O'Dark:thirty and headed offshore where we trolled the majority of the day from 110' to 1500' back to the ledge on occasions with some zigs and some zags ...we tried everything and then some. We managed 2 Blackfin just under 20# on the troll with no other sniffs whatsoever. It was just was not in the cards to find the Wahoo today but still a great day.

I know I have been under a rock the last few years and have lost touch with everyone but I want to send a special Thank you to those (and you know who you are) who helped inspire Justin and Brandon on the water in their younger years. :hail

Highlights of the day...
Catchum up,
Steve a/k/a ReelKeeper


  • amighoamigho Posts: 776 Officer
  • loweballzloweballz Posts: 216 Officer
    Great fish Reel Keeper and it's awesome that your kids have been able to experience that.

    I'd pull that picture down of the warsaw on a scale as they've been closed since early this year. I know this because we got some flack about one we caught earlier this year also.

    Great day and enjoy the tuna and other fillets.
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  • knot tightknot tight Posts: 245 Deckhand
    Nice job on the fish Steve. Welcome back to fishing and the forum.
  • groupercelgroupercel Posts: 64 Greenhorn
    Steve glad you were able to get out with the boys. Looks like you guys had a great time. I know what you mean by not being out for a while. It is killing me.

  • kajokajo Posts: 4,620 Moderator
    awesome report Steve..keep them coming!!

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  • ReefRocketReefRocket Jacksonville BeachPosts: 987 Officer
    two good fish are better than no fish!
    I just love being out on the water, blue, when I can.
    Good to see the ReelKeeper Name.
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    Get them next time.
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