Bucks in Glades losing their headgear and fast

gator4evergator4ever Posts: 2,532 Captain
Just got back from my last two days of the season. Saw plenty of deer and some big bodied bucks. Our group counted 5 mature bucks all of them except for 1 had lost both antlers and the one only had one side left.

Even had one 7 point that I saw Thursday pm lose his right side by this afternoon. One of the boys found the other side while opening the fenced area to get ready to shoot some pigs starting next week. That same buck came out on me this afternoon sporting his one antler.

Looking forward to next season starting NOW.
"sometimes it's OK just to kill a little time" my grandpa 1972


  • BCSAILSBCSAILS Posts: 436 Deckhand
    Ed, I hunted Thursday afternoon and just about all day Friday and only saw one Button Buck?? Was slow on Bucks/Deer for me and no Hogs? Had to eat my second lease Buck tag! Oh well...I did have Gobblers "Everywhere" and took one at 100 yards out of my tower stand with a neck shot. I wanted a Gobbler all fall season for some Turkey Fried Steak! 12.5" beard and 1" hooks. Also took a big tom cat that same morning with my .270 so I ended 2011 with a bang! :) Happy New Year!
  • gator4evergator4ever Posts: 2,532 Captain
    Eric that is a boss tom 12.5inches wow neck shot wow.

    Good luck when you head up North to hunt your new parcel.
    "sometimes it's OK just to kill a little time" my grandpa 1972
  • BCSAILSBCSAILS Posts: 436 Deckhand
    Thanks buddy, was "lucky" on the neck shot. It was gonna be a big miss or a hit. He will eat good as I got plenty of meat without a body shot. I am mounting the cat, only my second in 10 years hunting, and first Tom. Have a great weekend/New Years...E.
  • james 14james 14 Posts: 2,879 Moderator
    Looks like a panther to me.

    Sorry...I just couldn't resist. Nice shots and that is a great looking cat.
  • elyhunterelyhunter Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Nice TomCat.
    Take your kid hunting and never hunt for your kid :beer:beer
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