Ice Fishing?

My younger Brother lives in Northern Illinois. He keeps inviting me up to go Ice Fishing. I personally do not think I would like it. I can think of a lot of things to do when it is cold enough to drive your truck out on the ice. None of them have anything to do with being outside fishing.

Why would anyone want to go Ice Fishing? I quit a job that paid $50 an hour plus per dem in Montana when I woke up one morning in September 1993 and it was snowing. I told them send my last check to Jax and split. I HATE cold, ok , HATE might not be a strong enough word.
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  • mikeg32225mikeg32225 Posts: 561 Officer
    Had a good friend in CT who used to wait for the first ice cube to float down the river so he could jump on it and fish.
    I wasn't sure why he liked it so much. I never did it or wanted to do it.
  • StankBaitStankBait Posts: 386 Deckhand
    I went up to Minnesota in January two years ago to go ice fishing. Was -24 when I was there. It was a hoot. Yes it was cold but it is different type of cold. We had no clothes for that weather so they had stuff for us to wear. Nothing we have here will keep you warm. Only place I was cold was on my face. Takes a long time to get suited up but was never cold. Some of those fish houses are really pimped out. If you have not tried it you should.
    This is how you get through 18 inches of ice. Once you are in the fish house it is warm and cozy.
    The snowmobile is fun too. Just don't turn it over. Did that twice. Wife was not too happy to be buried in a snow drift. Those things will really haul. 50 was fast enough for me.
  • BakermanBakerman Posts: 1,222 Officer
    When my inlaws go ice fishing they take the 4x4 utility vehicle and tow the ice house out to the site on the lake. The ice house has propane heat, tv, carpeted floor and overstuffed furniture. There is a couple of holes in the floor for the lines. Reels are attached to the wall over the holes. It is more of a "man cave" than fishing vessel. But the ladies go out there too.

    This year has been too warm in upper Minnasota. There are ice houses sinking through the ice. State makes them remove sunken ice houses, vehicles, etc. There is no artificial reef program in Mn.

    They keep inviting me up to go fishing...................I'm still here in Florida.
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    How can you take my avatar that i have had for 7 years? :(
  • Agent 37Agent 37 Posts: 270 Officer
    Why would you want to go fishing for ice when you can just make it at home in the freezer?......

    I liken ice fishing to duck hunting through a chimney..... there are trade offs though, though sitting under the chimney may be warmer you may have better success fishing.

    Back home I have a boat that crushes through bay ice to go salmon fishing in winter. Cold yes, but you'll never have a greater sense of accomplishment or better eating fish than a fresh winter chinook that you caught at 12DegF in 20kt winds. Most people put their boats up for winter, but why stay land-locked if you don't have to?

    There is no such thing as "bad weather"...... only bad gear. Go ice fishing.
    Good judgment comes from experience..... and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.
  • wolferunswolferuns Posts: 134 Officer
    He has told me it is just a good excuse to go drinking. Well I live in FLorida. The good excuse to go drinking is called golf. I just always have hated cold weather. I grew up in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, ice is for Tea and Doat drinks, not to pull fish through.
    If your not living on the Edge, you are taking up to much space.
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