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Tampa Florida Fun ...NOT !

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At least they Caught the Pukes !


Tampa Police now have both wanted suspects in custody after a woman was dragged 40 feet in a purse snatching.

The arrests came after the suspects crashed their car into a fence at Oregon Avenue and Main Street in Tampa.

Officials identified the suspects as Luis Angel Rodriguez, 27, of Spring Hill, and Felix Alexis Nieves, 24, of Tampa.

Both men have been charged with multiple counts of robbery and grand theft auto.

Officials said the woman was robbed by the two suspects who drove by her as she walked into the Sweetbay at 5050 10th Ave. E. in Tampa at 8:30 a.m.

Surveillance video shows the victim, 42-year-old Twalla Killins, walking toward the store when the suspects pull up alongside her in a 1997 Honda Accord and grab her purse.

Killins held on or got tangled in the purse and was dragged approximately 40 feet alongside the car.

"I was just fighting," she said, "because I feel I work hard and pay taxes and I don’t feel you have the right to take my stuff but at same time I had to think also that they could kill me."

A truck driver making a delivery witnessed the incident and followed the vehicle to obtain the tag, but the vehicle was stolen, officials said.

The suspects got away with Killins’ credit cards, iPad, and cell phone but not for long.

A few hours later, police spotted the stolen green Honda about six miles away.

The suspects tried to get away but crashed into a fence on Main Street.

"They ran and one hit the fence that way and the other one ran in the house and they got him out of the house," said Jameka Pierce, a witness.

One suspect was caught and taken to jail. The other was caught a few hours later.

"I feel good and justice is served and Tampa Police Department doing their job and if it wasn’t for these cops doing their job keep these crooks off this place and get them a job and work like we do," said Killins, who sustained lacerations on her face, arms and legs as a result of the incident.

She said next time she would just let go of the purse and is telling other women it’s not worth it.

Officials said Tampa Police and Hillsborough County Sheriff's detectives are still interviewing the men to determine exactly how many charges the men will face.

Police believe the suspects are the same suspects involved in three other robberies in Tampa and Hillsborough County.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers or police at 813-231-6130.
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