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    CT, that's pretty cool, the broaster.

    We're alike in that I am an Egg guy and also run the DigiQII on it. I see you also did the same thing I did and put solid wood slates on the egg. Make things much easier.

    Last week, we had a foot of snow on the ground and overnight low around 5°. Guests coming over the next day. So, got the Egg to 240°, threw a 9lb butt in at 8pm. Went to bed that night and no need to check anyting. Work up in the morning and it was still in the plateau. Done by noon, cooler for an hour and pulled pork for all. Plus, only cost me $3 in charcoal.
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    Mark O. wrote: »
    ...the guy smoked a big piece of meat under a large heavy cardboard box...

    That ain't right!
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    OK, I guess I will join in.

    I don't need no stinkin BGE. :willynilly


    Old 30+ year old ECB


    GOSM Charcoal to Propane conversion












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    **** Flash, those look awesome.
  • charlie tunacharlie tuna Posts: 730 Officer
    Flash has this "stuff" down to a science !! And i agree with you flash "you don't need no Big Green Egg". But all the egg does is provide you with an OUTDOOR oven -- And the green egg is very limited to the amount of smoke it can produce. Any smoker that can maintain a set temperature and provide the product with three or four hours of smoke will run circles around the egg. And it was Abelman's pictures that lured my into buying an egg.. I even asked myself "maybe his "stuff" looks this good because he's cooking it a mile high in the sky" !! And it was Flash that convinced me to switch from long overnight pork butt cooks to the short method of wrapping it in foil, thereby cooking it in four to five hours vs 22 hours!! Myron Mixon does his this way. The ceramic wall of the egg is both an insulator as well as temperature maintainer and holds the cooking temperature steady throughout the cook. Again, Flash coached me into lowering my starting cooking temperature to extend the length of smoke producing time that the meat is exposed to. I was getting one hour, because my starting temperature was 375 degrees. Now i get two+ hours by starting at 250 to 275 degrees. I always used my temperature controlling BBQ Guru until i went to the double wrap method. Now i only use my "food probe" to monitor the interior butt temperature. So i could have saved a couple of hundred bucks by buying a remote temperature probe for $25.00.. I have gotten a lot of useful information on the "Kitchen" section of this forum. Today i will be cooking a ham -- just to get the bone -- for tomorrow's "Hoppin John" recipe provided by another outstanding forum member "HOSSMOSS".......
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    Not a smoker, but a grill. Everything is adjustable, and swings 360deg.
    It doesnt get any more custom than this. A guy I know in Georgia builds these when his welding buisness is slow. Everything is heavy duty, thick material.
  • charlie tunacharlie tuna Posts: 730 Officer
    Nice setup and i'm sure can do some serious grilling -- load the pit up with some lump coal --- WOW!
  • slipknotslipknot Posts: 372 Officer
    Or Peacan Wood..
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    This would have been a good thread, with out the typical, jak **** that have nothing to
    contribute. I did find the smoking meats site good info, thanks to the people that had something worth saying.
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    I wouldn't call **** your typical Jackasz. Here's a special breed of jackasz.
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    got ants? wrote: »
    Jake, I've always assumed the BGE use charcoal as their proprietary heat source. Can you use wood chips, chunks, etc.. without the charcoal?

    Also, what is the max capacity? I'm doing 4 pork shoulders, plus their bones, and 2 slabs of bacon in mine. That might be maxxed out

    Yes, lump charcoal is the heat source. Wood chips and chunks are added into the charcoal for applications requiring smoke. I'm a newbie to the BGE but their website gives some capacity guidelines (and cooking area measurements) and their forum has guys who post outrageous amounts of food cooked on their eggs.
  • charlie tunacharlie tuna Posts: 730 Officer
    Also the member's GreenEgg forum is: which is the original forum - owned and operated by owners only --- not affiliated with the manufacturer has many recipes and tips.
  • AbelmanAbelman Posts: 1,853 Captain
    Also the member's GreenEgg forum is: which is the original forum - owned and operated by owners only --- not affiliated with the manufacturer has many recipes and tips.

    Good advice. Also, if you are a member, once you sign in, go to the Home tab or Forum, look at the top right corner. There are a series of BGE cookbooks in PDF format which you can save. They are done each year from the EggFest. Right now, 2003-2010 is available.
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  • got ants?got ants? Posts: 9,140 Officer
    Here is yesterday's smoke session (New Years Eve)

    4 pork shoulders (3 on left) seasoned w/Jerk seasoning

    In an oven bag heading into the fridge overnight
    The smoker
    The wood, apple chips in the big bowl, allspice chunks in the small bowl
    The smoker loaded
    pork belly on to (plus a pc of salmon)
    pork should bones 2nd level
    4 pork shoulders 3rd and 4th rack (two each)




    Finished product (11 hrs cooking time) poke candy

    I just realized I didn't take pics of the bacon before my wife put it away, about 4 pounds double smoked.
    The whole process I kept the temps under 180%, hence the long smoke.
  • AbelmanAbelman Posts: 1,853 Captain
    Great job GA, that's a nice mess of some good food!

    Hell, all I'm doing today are burgers. Did some chicken fingers and onion rings in the oven last night. They were good.

    "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem" Ronald Reagan 1985
  • jakedgejakedge Posts: 1,303 Officer
    Looks awesome!
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