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Say goodbye to the Kmart or Sears near you...



  • CaptTaterCaptTater Posts: 20,096 AG
    hebegb wrote: »
    no way, and Craftsman is guaranteed for life
    Some of the new HF stuff is actually decent quality as well. They've gone up in quality as much as Craftsman went down when they moved to China. Craftsman's win for me is they are much more precise sizes and will get nuts off that others won't.

    From HF's webite
    "Plus we're so sure you'll love the value of our hand tools, we back them with a lifetime warranty on all our hand tools!"
    That's even the cheap crap tools but they aren't worth the trouble except for kids and women. The chrome peals off and they have such a rounded end you can't get them on worn or small bolts
    I did not read the story but if you take tax payers money maybe you should be held to some standards.-Cyclist
    when we say the same thing about welfare recipients, you cry like a wounded buffalo Sopchoppy
    It's their money, they spend it how they like. Truth and honesty have nothing to do with it. - Mr Jr
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  • T TopT Top Posts: 3,706 Captain
    hebegb wrote: »
    no way, and Craftsman is guaranteed for life
    So are Husky and Cobalt
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