Mahi Mahi!!

First offshore trip got myself my favorite fish, MAHI!! Trolled out to about 200ft and birds are going wild at the seaweed so i started working the area without luck.. Went out a bit further to try out some jigging and then the mahi hit! Reeled it and played with it for a while to get her nice and tired then gafed it into the yak.. While doing this and trying to get the fish stowed away i start to feel a little queezy.. Then i look up and realize that im in about 10ft+ seas! It was crazy, the water was flat and nice all the way out, then all of a sudden at 300ft these monster rolling waves were coming through, I had drifted a half mile in about 15 mins.. Then my newly installed Cuda 300 stopped working so I didnt know where to jig at, the depth finder was ok, just didnt show fish or the bottom stucture.. It only worked in about 60ft or less.. Is that a bad install or a dud fish finder??

Once i was moving with the waves and not just sitting in them it was pretty fun.. I tried jigging where the water turns blue and nothing.. Also tried different spots i had a hunch on, but i guess like ive been hearing jigging is all about practice.. Doesnt help that i was in crazy seas and my fish finder wasnt working either.. That was about it, just the one mahi.. Had some other bites with cut bally on the bottom closer in but didnt hook anything.. Good first trip overall, had alot of fun out there.. Looking forward to some more trips

23'' Trout from Choko last week


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    Congrats on the phin, always makes for a good day! Did you say you got it on a jig? Your FF should tell you in the specs, online if you tossed the manual...of how deep it's rated for. Every one of them is different depending on watts used and what not. I was out myself today and there were some decent rollers at the bluewater line, but the line was in 150' here in Pompano...same rippin current...Congrats again.
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    Nice work!!
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    Nice first trip Offshore man! Glad to see you caught something. Jigging takes work just keep doing it and youll catch fish. Over time your technique will get better.
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    Nice... Mahi action on ur first offshore trip sweet.. Took me a while.... Congrats
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    Nice mahi, and that's no slouch of a trout either. :thumbsup
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    You should have a nice dinner. Nice catch.
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    Great catch, nice report.
  • Nice catch, I've yet to land my first mahi. I have an eagle cuda 300 and I run into the same problem. Once I get over 200 feet it randomly stops working and just flashes the depth. Sometimes it stops at 200, sometimes 250, sometimes 275, but somewhere around there it just stops. I think it's the model. But for $35 I can't complain all that much.
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    When ur gps starts flashing depth it's usually the transponder that need to be replaced...
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    My Eagle cuda has trouble out deep also. If I turn it off and then on it will work for a while, so I just reboot periodically. Good job with the mahi.

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    Congrats on the Mahi!!!
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    Thanks all.. Caught the mahi on skirted ballywhoo.. Maybe im expecting too much from the FF, ill read the manual.. I have the year warranty too, so ill return it if its not doing what its supposed to..
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    Saltwater versus freshwater: different densities, so if its rated to 300' in freshwater it will not go as deep in the more dense salt water. I noticed as much when browsing for fish finders on bass pro's website.
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