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Lets see what ya got!

I know you guys have been finding time to get out and shoot, so lets see what you've all been up to lately! I'll go first.

I practically stole this very lightly used Canon T1i/500D body. Got the camera in yesterday and immediately took it out in my backyard. All the pictures are on an old 35mm rebel series film lens. I bought a 50mm 1.8 which should come in today.
I used to do Photoshop work for a living but I've since scaled down and no longer have any post processing software so all of these photos are straight from the camera, theyre not even cropped.
I was trying to get the rocks properly exposed, but not blow out the clouds in the sky. The best I could do was to get the rocks underexposed because I figured I could always go back and pull out the detail in the clouds as long as I didnt blow it out completely. Any tips on nailing this kind of shot?

In any case, lets see all of your work! B&W, BIF, Sports, Macro, Landscape, whatever ya got!


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