Banana River NMZ 12/28/11

angler18angler18 Posts: 2,037 Captain
It's been a while since I had the yak out and needed to get a fix. The wind and cold front forecast looked like it wasn't a good day to go, but you go when you can. I decided to hit the NMZ to look for some winter black drum since I figured I could just paddle to buck creek and then let the wind push me back. Since it was a little chilly this morning I got a late start. I picked up some handpicks from sunrise marina for the some times finicky drum and launched at KARS about 11:30. Paddled to the creek into the 10-15mph wind and casted to some disturbed water a few times on the way with a natural gulp shrimp and picked up a little 18" red on the way.

Made it to the creek and tossed the natural gulp shrimp while I relaxed a few minutes and picked up 2 trout at 20"

Decide to start to work my way back and site fish the entire way. The water was a little murky, but the wind just totaly layed down for me.

I worked back to KARS at a slow pace and picked up a few mid slot trout each time I blind casted in some nice potholes, but didn't see one tailing drum, black or red. I did manage to throw a hand picked shrimp in the path of 2 lone swimmers however, and they were willing to take it.



It was nice to get the yak back out in one of my favorite places, and even better that the fish wanted to play a little after that front.


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