Crafty critters

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Was sitting in the stand last night and about 5:15 ish the deer started to move.
I have two solid shooting lanes, and couple smaller opportunities; its a decent area.

So I'm scanning left/right, left/right, and then I look due south and see a chest and two legs in between two oaks.
Funny how they just show up like that.
Anyways, its about 110 yard in one of the primary shooting lanes.....EXCEPT hes still behind those two large oaks. I can see all chest, front legs and a tad of his neck.
Not his head or horns or butt.
We have a 6pt minimum on the property so I can't shoot despite having the perfect shot until I can verify :banghead
So he just stands there (not even close to downwind of me) for a solid 5 minutes, he didn't move a smidgen. I'm waiting, waiting.....then he just turns and casually runs off the way he came.
Funny how they "know" something isn't right, and how often they never fully present themselves.

To make matters worse I got busted about 15 minutes later!!! (I was on my best behavior last night to remain VERY still) The deer was dead downwind (I was sweating big time yesterday before I got in my stand, I was soaking wet), so I guess I can understand if he winded me.

Still sux.
When will we get some freakin cold weather!!! Need the darn rut to kick in, help make them boys get stupid!
I have a much bigger and more powerful button


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