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Canon shooters (and others) who are looking for an alternative to a SLR look here

Looks like a replacement to the G12 (a fantastic camera in it's own right) will come in January.

The f2 at the wide end will be nice.


12mp (Larger CMOS Sensor)
6.5x Zoom
f/2 The Largest Aperture
1080p HD Video (Upgraded Video Features)
Optical VF Removed
3″ Articulating Screen (High Resolution)
$600 USD


  • GuidenetGuidenet Posts: 239 Officer
    Yep. I figured since the S95 had all the internals of the G12 in a smaller package. There had to be a replacement in the wings with the S100 out replacing the S95. I bet existing G12s will plummet in price like the S95 did.

    I see they do not intend to name it G13. LOL
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