Christmas Eve

Good morning Northwest. Christmas Eve day, Good luck to all the last minute shopper's. Merry Christmas to all.
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  • wishfishinwishfishin Posts: 4,080 Captain
    Great day to stay off the road and watch some good football. My shopping's done!

    Merry Christmas NW!
  • BigfootBigfoot Posts: 9,383 Admiral
    Monrin NW

    Missed hunting as the wife kept me out last night...da man was everywhere too! The Christmas Party is tonight for the family, got to rally - coffee me stat...

    last thing I remember was talking about opening that last bottle of red in the background

    Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos & sometimes the most judgmental people you meet go to church on Sundays...
  • grouper sandwichgrouper sandwich Posts: 531 Officer
    Good morning. Doing a little stand time this morning. Nothing thus far but squirrels and mosquitos.
  • charlie tunacharlie tuna Posts: 730 Officer
    Good Morning everyone ! Got all the kids and grandkids(and grand dogs) here to entertain, so that will keep me out of trouble..... Merry Christmas to all !!
  • manleymanley Posts: 882 Officer
    Morning, all. Merry Christmas!
  • KnuckleheadKnucklehead Posts: 1,418 Officer
    Merry Christmas.
  • RhettleyRhettley Posts: 1,545 Officer
    Merry Christmas!
  • StonewallStonewall Posts: 848 Officer
    HO HO HO Merry Christmas to all!
    Can't never did try!
  • Sopchoppy RedneckSopchoppy Redneck Posts: 1,421 Officer
    Mornin all. Had ta find an element for the stove first thing this mornin! found it at the Ace Hardware in C'ville :) it was the last one they had that would work on our stove!! the first Christmas miracle of the season :)
    Merry Christmas to y'all
  • BodineBodine Posts: 2,928 Captain
    Merry Christmas to everyone.
    Been shoppin for seafood
    Tuna, salmon, conch, wahoo, rice and wasabi.
    Sashimi/sushi Christmas eve dinner tonight.
    F the feds
  • CranfieldCranfield Posts: 1,392 Officer
    A very Merry Christmas to y'all.
    Logs on the fire, a few chesnuts roasting and off to Midnight Mass soon, its all good.:thumbsup
  • hooknredshooknreds Posts: 2,461 Captain
    Watched the kids sing at Church this afternoon, and Mrs hooknreds family just left. Got a fresh Crown an Sprite and listening for sleigh bells.
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