Caladesi Snookin 6/20-6/21

Paddled out to the north tip of caladesi yesterday and the day before. Out on the beach by 6:15 both days.On Monday I Looked for bait and netted up some 3-4" mullet. Tide was going out until about 10. Looked on the beach side first casted off or got **** by needle fish had one mullet left. Went around on the backside cut , snook stacked like cordwood. Last bait gets smoked but no connection. So now I have to get more bait. I wanted some bigger mullet and I found them, got a half dozen 8" mullet. Tossed em in on the backside cut first one was going nuts leaping out of the water like a maniac. Watched two Overslot snook swiping him. As he got near the piling near the beach te water started exploding and pops were going off all around him. Finally the line goes tight and feels heavy but isn't pulling like a snook. I get her in and its a 26" trout. Not what I was looking for but an awesome catch none the less. I go further down the inside point near the small island cut and the next mullet get blasted on the second drift but no connection. Nothing happens for the next hour and half until the tide starts going in. By this time the sun is out in force and Snook are still piled in but are more around the inside. Jim Huddleston shows up and he and I are throwing at several schools of fish. Another guide boat hooked up one but he too got off. They both left and I had the schools to myself. I drift my mullet over their heads about 6 times with absolutely NO reaction. Then the about the 7 th time the mullet drifts over and I see a big momma come nose up and POW, and again no connection the mullet was still alive and frantic but she didn't come back. That happened one more time in exactly the same manner and eventually I couldn't sand the heat and they seemed to slow down. Repeated the same thing yesterday morning with dramatically different outcome. This time I didnt see but a couple bust back there, saw a few on the beach. I drifted mullet and live ladyfish and not a single bite. I have fished for snook for years and they never cease to amaze me. There are so unpredictable I don't care what anyone says. It is amazing how they are thick one day then disappear like phantoms the next with almost the exact same conditions. I was let down I have been findin tons of snook lately but haven't been able to land many. But such is snookin. I have to keep runnin that dog as they say and keep on it. I have hooked and broke off 4 monsters this season and only landed about a half dozen others. I have had many hits but so many hook shakes. I both hate and love circle hooks. Part of the problem is that I have been lazy and I Haven't gone and bought some bigger circle hooks I think that may by why I missed those fish. I have fishes for em for years and I can't learn enough about them. Anyone else feel the same way? Anyway they are out there and as usual as late summer approaches it becomes a night game seemingly all at once. So get out there and get you and linesider ! Tightlines!
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    Sweet report. Keep after them. I'm sure you'll figure out what it takes. Finding them is the hard part. Good luck.
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    Nice report and like bds04f said, the hard part is finding them and it looks like that you've accomplished that! Next part is figuring what they want to eat. Now I see that you've been throwing live bait, (which I like to do a lot also) but sometimes it seems that (especially snook) you have to annoy them! This may seem stupid in a way, but where I grew up (Scotland) and we would fly fish for Salmon various rivers, you could present various patterns to salmon that were just staying put in the current and you would get no results. The reason being, they were not there to eat, they were there to breed. By simply presenting a fly numerous times in front of them, they would seem to get irritated and bite. Not sure if they they just got pee'd off about seeing it so many times, I have no idea. Now, being that fishing for snook is different, I have found that presenting an artificial lure numerous times has had good results at this time of year seeing as snook are also breeding. Just a thought, but I have had more luck recently with artificials than live. Also, what was the tide doing? At this time of year I have had better luck at low tide.. Hope this somewhat helps in a way:)
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