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Fishing is hot throughout!

Took the skiff out alone in search of a new flat for a few upcoming charters. Hit a nice breeze on a Saturday morning that took my hat off and was never seen again. Oh well, a hat doesn't catch fish so I kept running. Got to my new spot and found that my trolling motor did not want to work right. This one hurt a little but still did not stop me. I jumped on the pole and scooted around a dead calm flat with no boats on it.

I seen a few small tailers that I was able to launch some some flies. No takers so I put the fly rod down and picked up a gulp and started launching at tails. No takers. So far I'm not having a great morning. I kept at it though until I spotted what I was after. Tails, and lots of them! 1st cast and this beautiful 35" fish takes me for a ride.


Released after his closeup and launched another gulp. 2nd cast and this 39" bulldog ate.


The school left for deep water and I was as happy as I could be even with all the unfortunate events. Still flat calm out I searched for fish.

Then this girl decided to come by and so far she's my biggest. With me being by myself I wasn't able to get a great picture of me holding her but this was the best I could do without stressing her. 30 seconds went by and she swam off better than she did before I caught her. My flop is a size 13 for comparison.


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