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DIY Helm replace for newbie or mechanic?

bbusbeybbusbey Posts: 64 Deckhand
1994 Scout SportFish 152 with 50hp

just got this boat a month ago and needs steering helm replaced and possibly the cable. thats what the local repair guy said. im looking at $80 per hour for him to install and probably 2 hours most plus a general price of $150 for all parts. He wants me to drop it off for several days til he gets time to work on it and go over everything and call me with a final price for everything.

i know this seems about normal but i would like to learn about this boat and save some money. is this something i can do by myself with general knowledge or are there special tools needed and specific knowledge of something in order to fix everything properly?

Steering works but randomly gets hard to turn left and locks up and i have to force it past a small distance in the wheel and then everything is fine again. i do not want to get caught in a tricky situation and do not feel comfortable letting my wife drive this yet with this issue.

please give me honest feedback. i am sure i could get a friend with some general knowledge to help if needed but ultimately just trying to get the job done right, cheapest as possible and learn in the garage to fix on the water if needed

sure, i can afford the $150 for the Helm and Cable but thats all i want to spend right now...


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