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Low Water

20 July 2021...Another trip with no Trout or Reds.   Had to quit real early as my bandage got wet.  Johns Island/Vero...Worked the Mangroves hard today.  Water levels low and dirty, spotted a shape moving along the back edge.  Long skip cast, normally the fish will spook, not today, very light tap, solid fish.  First, I thought it was another Tarpon, then came the jump.  Snook time.  Little worried, 4 # test with a 25 # leader and the Baby Vudu Shrimp.  Low water, not a big problem with a Mangrove run, made it twice.  34 inch Snook hooked deep in the throat, almost chewed through the leader.  Good clean release, plus a CCA entry.  Working the same stretch, pitching the Baby Vudu to a deep pocket, a very light tap, hookset, fun time, hoping for a Red.  Not today, a 25 inch Ugly.  

Estuary, 1 for 3 on Tarpon, can not believe how light they are hitting, just a couple of real light taps.  First one was a solid hookup, hook full penetrated the top lip.  Second one was a big silver flash, hit and miss.  Third one I got into the touchy feely game and blew it.

Decided to try McCullers Cove to see if I could find a Trout or Red.  Worked the full run of Mangroves, not getting them today.  Did manage the first Silver Prince for the day, hit on a skip cast back under the Mangroves, just a very light tap.  Even the Snapper were not very aggressive..

Hobart Landing was really ridiculous.   Bait all over Sharks having a field day.  Lost a big Snook on a top water plug.  Saw a couple of Tarpon feeding.  Then the break of the day one of the oversized Tarpon busted exploded on something  right next to the boat.  Not good when you are not expecting it.  Time to break out the Dude Wipes.

Just a little strange today, no Trout, Reds, Jacks and only 1 Lady.  All players released for future encounters.

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