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cranker789cranker789 MiamiPosts: 389 Deckhand
Whats going on guys,

Looking for advice on jet skis. I live on a lake and thinking about going with a jet ski. I'd be using it mostly for cruising and towing tubes/skiers. Sometimes taking it into the salt.  I like the price point compared to boats. Ive never owned a jet ski and wondering if theres anything i should know about them. Pros / cons? Are they easy maintance? any imput appreciated as i don't know much about jet skis. Thinking about going with yamaha. Would like to know as much as possible before going into the dealer. 



  • finbullyfinbully Posts: 850 Officer
    This will be entertaining...
  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 1,564 Captain
    finbully said:
    This will be entertaining...
    LMAO!! This has to be a troll!
    Jason :USA
  • cranker789cranker789 MiamiPosts: 389 Deckhand
    Lol I promise I’m not trolling, just looking for advice. 
  • tankeredtankered Gainesvill, FlPosts: 918 Officer
    Hardly anyone rides actual jet skis these days.

    You're talking about PWCs.
  • CapnSkipCapnSkip East Central FloridaPosts: 31 Deckhand
    I'm thinking you mean a waverunner?
  • cranker789cranker789 MiamiPosts: 389 Deckhand
    Yes pwc, wave runner. I’ve always just called em jet skis
  • CaptjamesCaptjames Pompano BeachPosts: 21 Deckhand
    They're fast, they're entertaining for about 1 hour at a time.  They're very maintenance heavy and you need to run them every couple of weeks, and if you're not using them enough to go through an entire fuel tank every 2-3 months, you're going to have problems.  If you suck up grass or other debris in the jet pump, you'll have to shut it off and jump in the water and pull it out by hand or it won't do more than 5 mph till you do....... They are fast, they are fun, can easily pull a tube or whatever.......a boat's more practical by far. 
  • cranker789cranker789 MiamiPosts: 389 Deckhand
    So it looks like we are gonna go with the Yamaha vx cruiser ho. It’s a beautiful machine. Probably going to put the order in Monday though with the whole covid thing they are way backed up and it’s gonna be months before we actually get it. Excited it will be a blast. And I think I’ll be able to outfit it for fishing as well.
  • CapnSkipCapnSkip East Central FloridaPosts: 31 Deckhand
  • pottydocpottydoc Port Saint JoePosts: 4,697 Captain
    you know that something about driving one turns you into a major donkey rear, correct? You cant stop it, all pwc riders suffer from it. 
  • cranker789cranker789 MiamiPosts: 389 Deckhand
    pottydoc said:
    you know that something about driving one turns you into a major donkey rear, correct? You cant stop it, all pwc riders suffer from it. 
    Lol yes I know… I live on a lake with plenty of them. Plenty of **** with boats too btw. It is just the better option for the lake and financial reasons IMO. 
  • pottydocpottydoc Port Saint JoePosts: 4,697 Captain
    Just pulling your chain. 😀 I’ve never been on one, but they look like they would be fun. I used to see a man and woman diving off one out of Boynton. The would hear up with everything except fins at the dock, head out the inlet to the reef line, raise their dive flag, bail  over and use the ‘ski for their float. 
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 9,517 Admiral
    My ex-wife’s father owned a hotel in Key West and there was some guy renting Wave Runners  out of the hotel. As a courtesy the fellow comped me and my wife use of them I took it out for about a half an hour and that was enough for me. I just didn’t find the thrill of it. When I was a kid I had a 13 foot whaler with a tiller Evinrude 40 and I could get more radical and slide across the water with that more so than a wave runner. To each his own, if that makes you happy good for you.

    “Everyone behaves badly--given the chance.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway

  • AC ManAC Man Posts: 6,861 Admiral
    PWC equals boring after about 1 hour. Case closed
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