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Motor Help - Travelled to North Captiva for Vacation

JI843JI843 North CaptivaPosts: 2 Greenhorn
Posted a few months back about tarpon fishing this week while we’re staying on North Captiva. We’re here now and excited to get out. However, something must’ve stirred up in the tank on the way down and currently one or two of the fuel injectors are clogged (08 Yamaha 150 4Stroke). We had the issue before and know exactly what it is, but lack the tools to fix it. Does anyone know of a reputable place/any place at all that sells Yamaha injectors that is open tomorrow? Or a place that could clean them? We’re staying on North Captiva and the boat runs but tops out at 3700rpms with one person so we can travel. Any help would be so so so appreciated. Thanks.


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