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Quick Islamorada trip

  Bailed on NJ with my girl for a quick 5  days in Islamorada . Had the boat rental for 4 of those days and fished mostly 1/2 days due to weather and just taking it easy .  Bait wasn’t easy but managed to catch enough cigars and ballyhoo each day to give us confidence  . Picked away at some nice mutton’s each day in the deep and had my first Islamorada Red snapper (Vented and released after quick pic ) . Set up for tails twice with the first outing being a waste as everything got taxed , after losing 6 or so nice fish we gave up . Went back to same area the next day and had it all to ourselves without losing a fish . Staying at the ragged edge was a pleasure as always and for inquiring minds we brined then drained the fish before our flight and flew them back whole . No issues at the airport and they arrived in NJ pristine . As always nothing comes easy down there but I’m beyond grateful for the time and fishing as is Sara who managed to hook and deal with her first mutton with no assistance . Thank you keys And thank you fish gods can’t wait to do it again . 


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