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Ballyhoo Tampa area

Does any one know if there’s a decent spot to catch ballyhoo around fort desoto or Clearwater? Especially at night 


  • Kokosing LoverKokosing Lover Posts: 1,018 Officer
    You can find them in the deep side channels around Fort D at night.  However, they will all be small and skinny; we just don't get the big fat ones around here.  Technically they will be "halfbeaks" and not ballyhoo; ballyhoo is a particular species of halfbeak.
  • noelg11892noelg11892 Posts: 286 Deckhand
    Got it! I’ll try to get on em. I see tarpon hitting half beaks on the bridges at night and ballyhoo flies get em going, so I wanted to try the real thing
  • Cabowabo72Cabowabo72 Long Boat KeyPosts: 34 Deckhand
    Those maybe tiny needle fish getting busted on
  • clarosaclarosa Posts: 812 Officer
    Like will said this time of year there are a lot of the half beaks which are a tad smaller, and a little more round than a ballyhoo. I have caught ballyhoo in the past while chumming for cobia on the grassflats in Hudson. Was catching them on hook and line on little bits of shrimp under a float. They aren't common though.
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