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Bait curse - 5/1/21

Finally found some good white bait and loaded up the pen.  Sabikied a bunch of threads for AJ bait.  Figured we were good to go.......

Got  a good early start with my wife and a neighbor. Our target was amberjack.

Checked the pinfish traps...........nothing.  So, we hit a spot that holds pins and pigfish.  

My livewell has a pump that pumps more than it can drain so it is in a state of constant overflow.  I don't mind at all but for some reason it irritates my wife.  So, while we were catching pins and pigs she turned the pump off.  Next thing I know, 3/4 of the bait is dead, including  100% of the  threads.   I was, to say the least, not happy.  In my state of pissedoffedness I just decided to just go.

It was supposed to be fairly calm.  The weatherman lied yet again.  It was really sloppy going out.  

We got to the AJ spot and there were already 2 boats on it.  The AJs wanted nothing to do with our small white bait but we did have a few pins.  My buddy, John, hooked a (barely) keeper so we at least were not coming home empty handed.  We caught a few more shorts with the big bait we had.  I dropped some white bait down to the bottom and got a couple more.  By then there were 6 boats around us so we decided to move on.

I won't go into the gory details of the rest of the day but I'll summarize by saying the ARS situation is beyond ridiculous.  One after another but almost no other species.  Easily 10 to 1 ARS to combined everything else.

Managed a keeper red grouper, one smallish mango and a couple of lanes.

The wind laid down about noon and was a decent ride back.  Lots of fun, but not lots of keepers.


  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 3,095 Captain
    Threadfins are a fragile bait, sorry to hear about them dying on you.  An overflowing live well would annoy me also, but whatever it takes to keep the bait alive.  At least you caught one out of it.  When they are stacked up spawning on the East coast, they hit a speed jig pretty well.
  • SeaSearcherSeaSearcher west FlPosts: 154 Deckhand
    edited May 2 #3
    **** it woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :p   btw, Matt and I can catch you some nice bait.. just sayin.  :) (but not for ajs)  lol
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