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Hull issue

Tampa_SportsmanTampa_Sportsman TampaPosts: 196 Deckhand
Hi everybody, 

I just bought a used kayak, the rear bottom part has a crack, the owner said it's not leaking. But I would like to fix this problem. I haven't tested it yet. The price was really good so I bought it. How can I fix this crack ? I don't know how deep the crack is.  Some mentioned marine epoxy, some mentioned heated metal prong to melt some of the plastic to fix the crack. Also should I leave the screw on or remove it when I  fix the hull. I'm new to kayak. Thank you very much and have a nice day


  • Wra22Wra22 Posts: 225 Deckhand
    There are a number of YouTube videos on this issue. Personally, I would never trust a crack-repaired kayak offshore or in some shark infested place like the Everglades. Too much to lose. Good luck. 
  • krashkrash Posts: 740 Officer
    For perspective, what is that screw/bolt there for and how big is it ?

    The crack looks like it may have been created by putting the screw into the hull in the first place with out properly predrilling a pilot hole.

    Like wra22 said you tube can be your friend, I'd probably investigate the crack more, if the screw serves no purpose except to hold the line attached or fill a previous hole, remove it and repair the area.
    To prevent further cracking a small hole should be drilled in the end of it.

    I've seen repair jobs/videos using plastic welding, kits/tool available at Harbor Freight.
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  • MissedMissed O-townPosts: 474 Deckhand
    That looks very minor.

    I had a plastic boat when was a kid and would routinely "weld" cracks and slices - from dragging over rocks and such.

    Used to shave off some plastic from a lip on the boat and melt it into the crack using a soldering iron.

    A soldering iron and 1 minute of your time will fix that.  I'm guessing that the area around the screw is solid and not hollow.

    Also guess but I'd bet that the "crack" was caused by dropping it on the keel there.
  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 3,110 Captain
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    Looks pretty minor to me also.  My experience with kayak cracks is that they don't suddenly expand and sink a kayak unless the routine is abusively outside the kayak's recommended use.   I used a cracked kayak for nearly four months before handing it in for a  warranty repair.  During that time the crack grew about an inch.  I concur with all of the above comments for considerations and means of repair.   Good luck!
  • jawrayjawray Posts: 379 Deckhand
    I personally like using a heat gun and slowly heating up the area and then use a small piece of cut off wooden handle.  Roll the area.  Like said above, youtube is the place to go.
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