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Exotic Bass Roundup results

John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 3,110 Captain
Extreme Kayak's Exotic Roundup results:

Congratulations to the winners!

2021 #EKFT #exoticbassroundup winners lineup:
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Peacock Bass:
1st - Julie Garber - 4.11 lbs. ​$2,000.00 (Nautical Venture) Custom Peacock Bass Mount Trophy
2nd – Avriel Ceyes 3.95lbs. $1,000.00 (YakGear) (Turbo USA )

3rd – Daniel Stein 3.9 lbs. $500.00 (YakGear)
4th - Cristobal Colon 3.4 lbs. $250.00 (YakGear)
​5th – Heynar Mejia 3.2 lbs. $125.00 (YakGear)
6th – Stephen Klein 3.1 lbs. Proyaker Fish Bag
”Nautical Ventures” Clown Knifefish Division:
1st - @Tyler Drew $500.00 (Nautical Ventures)
2nd – Jesus Gonzalez $250
3rd – Jon Vernarchick $150
Ladies Division:
Biggest Peacock – Julie Garber with 4.11 lbs. Custom Exotic Bass Roundup Rod made by Powercore Rods
Junior Division:
Biggest Peacock – Jack O’Donnel 3.0 lbs. Custom Exotic Bass Chupacabra Rod made by
Powercore Rods LLC

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