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Wabasso Chunky Topwater Snook

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Only caught 1 fish last evening.  Threw a Spook Jr. between a couple crab floats and after 2 cranks of the handle, the lagoon exploded.  Thought I hooked one of the small Bullsharks that were swimming around.  After a good 5-minutes it gets close enough for me to take a peak....oh oh.  It's back was so thick it was leaving a wake with every run.  Gave chase with the troller and after a few near disasters with floats and PVC poles, got her boatside.

I was fishing solo so I made a careful lip grab, removed the plug and took 2 quick pics...pictures don't do her justice.  38" and fat fat fat.  Holding her lip, motored her alongside the skiff for a while till she was good and strong - with a swipe of her tail - left me with a soaked face.  Headed back to my lift in time for a great sunset and adult beverage.

I hate the fact the fishing is so poor and water so bad, but every once and a while you get a break and catch a stud.


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