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Another repower thread.. asking for usable input pls

GeneakersGeneakers West Palm BeachPosts: 263 Deckhand
1999 Mako 293 WA w/ 1999 OEM Merc 225 EFI 2 strokes, 9 6" beam, 23* deadrise at transom, 25" Transom height, 6100lb dry weight, 240 gal single tank, 40 gal freshwater tank in transom, spec sheet states max HP of 450

With the price of fuel, and the amount of fuel this ole gal consumes, I have been debating on repowering with new Zukes in 250-350 range.  She is heavy, all fiberglass, and my understanding was one of the last built in Homestead plant.  I do trailer her, and she goes to Lauderdale to Ft Pierce on the trailer on a semi reg basis (mainly because it is cheaper to pay for diesel in the dually than it is in fuel for the boat to go the same distance).

I am curious of the pitfalls, pros / cons, comments, and recommendations others have about spending the money to repower.  Current motors run great, and would be selling them once / if I commit to the repower.  I have seen some places offering 2018-2019 still in the crate 300 Zukes for far cheaper tan buying the 2021's.  Is there a reason I should pay thousands more for motors 2 years newer in age?  the 2018/19's are brand new as well.  Would the fuel savings pay / justify the expense in 3-5 years (I usually burn through $750-$1000 in fuel on a normal weekend  with fuel in the $3.50 range.  and try to be out ea weekend.

I know I would like the quietness of the Zukes, and have heard the fuel savings would be in the 40-60 percent range?  Would be paying cash for em, so I guess I have some concerns befor I drop $35K-$40K

I welcome and ask for feedback from y'all.  


  • pottydocpottydoc Port Saint JoePosts: 4,492 Captain
    There’s  CNN been some issues with the 350 Zune’s, I’d stay with a pair of 300’d if you’re going get Suzuki’s. They’ll definitely gonna be the least expensive motors. Personally, I would look hard at a set of Merc 350 Verados, or the new 300 V-8 Mercs. Probably be quite a bit more money, though. 
  • cortrcortr Posts: 357 Deckhand
    Agree with pottydoc, you can’t go wrong with 350 Verados. They will be more expensive than Suzuki, but they are very reliable and much better fuel mileage than Yamahas. 
  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 14,579 AG
    I would get the cheaper crated 300s that are a couple years old, those motors are as good as the new ones and cheaper.   Pitfalls of repowering are they cost money, and what you have is already paid for.   You'll never save enough fuel to justify the new motors even with them being significantly more efficient.   What you get is piece of mind, and solid reliable power from the new motors.   Not having to buy oil anymore, not having to worry about forgetting to add oil, or worrying about the transfer pump crapping out on you like it did for me, but it wasn't the pump, and i spent 1000 dollars throwing money at a problem that was never fully solved.   money was better spent on my new 175 zuke which I absolutely LOVE.    

    You won't regret repowering if you're thinking about doing it pull the trigger.   But I wouldn't go w 350s.  that extra 100hp is negligible and like others have said there are kinks to be worked out w the 350s and I personally don't like the dual counter rotating props.  more gadgets, more to break.  
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