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New 210 build - powdercoating

NCTigerNCTiger NCPosts: 5 Greenhorn

I've got a new 210 Moccasin on order and need to decide whether to powder coat or not.  For those of you who have done so, how does Egret's powdercoating hold up?  

The color scheme is snow white hull, ice blue cockpit deck and white Merc 225, so powdercoating would look great, but I'm having  a hard time making up my mind.


  • 18Egret18Egret Posts: 21 Deckhand
    This is such a simple question...It's your boat you're the only one that has to like it. Some folks get new boats every few years. In that case everything is going to look good for the next owner.

    Now if you plan on keeping the boat for life then stainless steel grab rails is the way to go. Stainless never changes, it's always nice and shiny. Post photos of your build...Pete
  • NCTigerNCTiger NCPosts: 5 Greenhorn
    18Egret, thanks for taking the time to reply.  I totally get that it's a personal choice, but I know that the durability of the finish can vary pretty wildly from shop to shop.  I was just wondering about experiences Egret's vendor.
  • 18Egret18Egret Posts: 21 Deckhand
    I've been out of the loop since Egret moved to NC. Frank is your best bet on getting advise on the vendors he deals with and how well they stand behind their products. As a consumer, you're smart asking. But the owners will only know as to what they have not which company was used to do do the powder coating. In my experience, the prep is extremely important. Not to mention the care going forward. Enjoy your new ride!  
  • Vinny lVinny l Posts: 381 Deckhand
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    I've had a multitude of boats over the many years of operation. Never had brushed aluminum or polished stainless chip then start peeling. That being said, rest assured anything Frank offers is of the best quality..
    Good luck with your build. I've had the same boat since 2017. Best boat I've had.
  • NCTigerNCTiger NCPosts: 5 Greenhorn
    Thanks guys for your input.  I decided to go with the powdercoating.  I probably would not have with a different color scheme, but with white on white I figured it was worth it to complete the look.
  • TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 556 Officer
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    I have a 2015 Moccasin with white powder coat; that I had redone a couple of months ago.  Here is my experience...

    I had no chipping, corrosion, or rust, etc. like the horror stories of anti-powder coating people will tell you about on places like THT.   So why did I have it redone?

    Well, the two candy cane shaped grab rails on my console appeared to be sprayed a little thin on the top of the bend where your hand will frequently grab it.  The starboard grab rail had just a hint of dark grey coloring like the white wasn't quite thick enough.  

    Trailering your boat 4 hours round trip and fishing on it will get your white powder coat a little dirty. I destroyed the powder coating on the port grab rail by cleaning it too much with a magic eraser and a couple of times I used acetone.  I basically wore away the spot where it was sprayed too thin.  Now I had a spot of bare aluminum that I think looked like hell so I removed all the powder coating off that grab rail figuring I would just have that rail re-done.

    Then I couldn't get the grab rail off because the nut didn't want to come off.  The rest of the powder coating was fine but was a dull white finish. I took the boat to a local shop to get the grab rail off and have it re-done and there I saw a new Yellowfin that was being worked on and it had this beautiful glossy white powder coat. 

    "Screw it... re-do it all!"  $1600 later I have beautiful, brand new white powder coat again that matches the color of my console. It also now has about 3 coats of Woody Wax on it to make it easy to clean so I don't have the same problem again..

    If I had it to do over again, I like the brushed aluminum that I've seen on some Hells Bays and other boats and I would prefer that.  My choice was replacing everything or re-powder coating since I did not like the shiny chrome looking bare metalwork that it has if you wipe all the powder coating off. 

    So... long story to answer the question if there is anything wrong with Franks powder coating.  Generally no there isn't but I'd pick anodized brushed finish aluminum next time.. although my boat looks really good right now with new white.

  • NCTigerNCTiger NCPosts: 5 Greenhorn
    Wahoo, thanks for that input.  Even if it's $1500 to re-do every 5 or 6 years, that not so bad.  I wouldn't do it for a rigged t-top, but it seems that a leaning post, grab rails and rod holders isn't that big of a deal.
  • TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 556 Officer
    NCTiger said:
    Wahoo, thanks for that input.  Even if it's $1500 to re-do every 5 or 6 years, that not so bad.  I wouldn't do it for a rigged t-top, but it seems that a leaning post, grab rails and rod holders isn't that big of a deal.
    That also included the rear bench seat backrest that was painted.  Now it all matches perfectly.
  • NCTigerNCTiger NCPosts: 5 Greenhorn
    The boat is just about finished. Should be picking her up next week. A few pics:

  • 18Egret18Egret Posts: 21 Deckhand
    Beautiful boat...Congrats... Pete
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