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another rule targeting recreational fishermen.

meateatermeateater south flaPosts: 661 Officer
flounder size limit 14 inches from 12 inches    5 per day down from 10      meanwhile no speaka english cast netters under st lucie and jensen beach causeway every weekend and never see a officer    unless hes harassing some old white guy for a open beer .  fwc is non stop with rules rules rules that target legal rod and reel fishermen but ignore the caravan of cast netters **** the rivers of everything in there net.   seems to me they dont target them cause they already know most are illegal and dont wanna deal with the paperwork so they ticket the dumb tax paying fishing license buying american because he didnt get the new rule change on sea trout      2 per day 3 per day  15 inches or 16 inches one over twenty inches closed on tuesdays but only after a high tide     come on fwc start doing what we pay you for     cast netters are doing 100x more damage than rod and reel fishermen.


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