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bank fish catfish

red owlred owl Posts: 678 Officer
I'm in central Florida but stir crazy- looking for something to do. I hear the catfishing is good in North Florida around Apalachicola National Forest.  Never been there. What are the prospects of bank fishing? Are there any such banks or are the banks all marsh, etc.


  • stc1993stc1993 Albany, GA Carrabelle, FLPosts: 8,124 Admiral
    If you like sailcats I've caught them at Carrabelle Beach at the rest stop.

    I don't keep them a few people do up there.
  • louislouis Posts: 30 Deckhand
    Below the dam chatahoochee river in chatahoochee fl.  Jim woodruff dam can cast net some baitfish south end of fence.  Get close as you can to outflow below dam cast upcurrent with weight below a stand off leader 24 inch or so and bounce drift downstrem towards the cable with bouys.  Didnt catch a bunch but soeme were monsters at least in my book.  Hope this helps a little
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