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2021 River Start

12 Jan 2021...First river trip for 2021.  Ramp follies continue.  Watched as a trailer was parked in the section for vehicles and his partner parked in one of the trailer spots.  Next, while I’m rigging at a distance away from the launch, rig pulls up and asks if I’m ready, not yet.  He pulls up to the ramp and proceeds to jack jaw with another boater.  I launched and was well clear of the area, and he was still on the ramp.  
First stop Hobart Landing.  One small Snook and Snapper.  On the open flat, it was Ladyfish city.  Hard part of the day, most of the water is super clear.  Search on for dirty water.  Grand Harbor, high risk going under the golf cart bridge.  Tight going in, rising tide.  Took the risk, water dirty.  One short Snapper and then a U - 2 on just about every cast.  Going back out, just barely made it.  South to Vero/Bethel Creek.  Work the docks for Sheepshead, managed 1 barely legal and a pair of short Snook.  Saw a few Sheepies under the docks, but no players.  Back around to the Estuary, 4 Trout that would barely qualify for the name.  Found a lost Rat Red.  Johns Island/Vero, finally found a few Trout, best one just under 21 inches.  Sheepies, scarce, no players.  Finished the day with 8 Trout, 4 Snook and way too many U - 2’s and Ladies to count.  All the Trout were caught on the Matrix Shad, Midnight Mullet.  Other fish were caught on the Baby Vudu Shrimp.  All released for future encounters.


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