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898c SI issue

greenbonegreenbone Posts: 148 Deckhand
Purchased / gift in 2013.  Liked the unit so much , I purchased GPS puck, mount bracket and transducer for both boats, MA18 and Robalo cuddy . Unit worked a week ago , now it wont power up!!. Of course factory does not support this unit any longer. I still see this unit for sale, really??? Any suggestions??? Anyone??


  • gogittumgogittum SW New MexicoPosts: 1,635 Captain
    Not a Humminbird, but my recent problem with my Garmin was the power connection "inside" the case.  Solder connections were cold soldered at factory - amazing - and broke loose.  It's a well known problem with automotive Garmins, not sure about marine.....but yours is a Hummer.  No matter, they all work the same.

    Procedure I would follow is to start at power supply and confirm 12vdc, then check the fuse.  Depending on what type of connector holds the plug into the unit, you should be able to cobble up a way to check output voltage at point of plug-in to the unit without causing a short.  If there's power all the way, then it's the unit.

    There's sure to be a how-to on YouTube on how to open the case, or you could take/send it to a shop.  My mistake was opening it 1st with some force and yanking the ribbon out of the multi-connector inside and being unable to get it back in.  Read/watch 1st and make haste slowly and gently.
  • greenbonegreenbone Posts: 148 Deckhand
    Thanks Gogitum, it’s definitely the head unit. I’m pulling the trigger on a Helix 9, supposedly the transducer is compatible so I can still swap the unit from the Maverick to the Robalo.
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