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Trim tab wiring ?

livinshallowlivinshallow Posts: 8 Deckhand
Anyone know the diagram or order for the wiring on the helm rocker tab switches?  Florida bird with bennett's.  Can't get them to go down from the helm they work at the pump.  I have the wiring manual but it doesn't show tab rockers at the helm.  Bought new rocker switches but can't figure the order.  TIA


  • livinshallowlivinshallow Posts: 8 Deckhand
    Ah NM found it online from Bennett.  Happy fishing!
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,113 Captain
    Bennett, although now owned by a bigger outfit... always provided really good info for anyone needing to work on or upgrade their trim tab installations.  I had to re-do my switch set up and had always used the old joystick switch (long discontinued) so I went the the "Euro styled" panel switch and was very pleasantly surprised to find both an internet set of instructions and a written set that came with the switch... I'm not running an Egret but still it's a pleasure to find an outfit that always has taken care of its customers... 
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