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Coming down for MLK weekend and I have ever really been to Coko in January. Will the fish and bait still be out front or will they have moved inside by then or is it all based on water temps and weather? Was in Flamingo last week before Christmas and the snook and bait were still on outside points and creek mouths. Water temp was 68-70 degrees


  • tarponhuntertarponhunter Posts: 457 Deckhand
    I imagine by Jan the water temps will have dropped more outside and there should be fish on the inside. That being said if the water temps still stay around that 70 degree mark fish could be everywhere. I fished flamingo last week as well and found similar results but I did find some small fish at one inside spot so I think they're moving back there
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,275 Captain
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    As already noted water temps in winter are everything... Here’s the site I use to
    keep track of them...

    ndbc.com (National Data Buoy Center.com)... It’s run by NOAA,  find Florida, then move the map to the ‘glades and check out the various 
    water monitors in the area you’re interested in for a real
    time (nearly) water temperature reading from Florida Bay all the way up to Naples...
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  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Naples, FLPosts: 1,218 Officer
    The website is https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/
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  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,275 Captain
    Thanks, when I looked up on
    my mobile it doesn’t give the full address... 
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  • thecawthecaw Posts: 13 Deckhand
    Redfish , black  drum, trout, sheepshead, mackerel are on the outside while snook and baby tarpon tend to mostly be in the back bays this time of year it really just depends what you are wanting to catch but there’s always fish to be had somewhere as long as a front isn’t moving through. 
  • MelbourneGuyMelbourneGuy Melbourne, FLPosts: 3 Greenhorn
    Thanks for info and the weather website, will be watching the temps closely.
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