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Recent trips @ The Pass

4 trips, 1 post.
Day before Thanksgiving, launched early and got 2 keeper trout and 1 redfish.  All on bucktails.

Friday after T-day went to the Naples pier. Trillions of lizardfish on bucktails and many small jacks. Did see one guy catch a 10 pound bonito! And the biaitfish were THICK! Many boats threw their nets 1 time and struggled to bring them over the gunnel they were so full.

Dec 6 caught many trout, kept 5. Did manage 2 14" silver trout. And the girlfriend got her first pompano @ 18". Good day as we caught 10 different species of fish. No redfish but did get 3 snooklets in the Morgan River.

Dec 13 and a LOW negative tide. Had to go around the Marco Rocks to get out. Started on the beach, GF throwing her hand tied bucktail (red head/red bucktail) and she caught many jacks/ladyfish. I said "What the heck, with the water temp @ 66.8f, I'll throw a topwater. Did get a jack, ladyfish and 16" mackerel.
Into the Morgan River with bucktails (hot pink Spro) and a 4" salt/pepper/chartreuse tail grub. Got jacks, ladyfish and many trout. One hole produced 3 @ 17" and maybe 10 more under 15". Ended with 5 keeper trout.
At the dock, saw a guy with a 28" gag grouper, 
STILL WAITING for the county to rebuild the docks. It's frustrating to have 1 dock open with the traffic that boat ramps gets.

Not sure when the next rip will be but this cooler weather has really turned on the trout!

Be safe and thankful we have the 10K area to fish.
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


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