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Carbon Marine G3LR Graphite Push Pole--SOLD

bayshorebayshore Forgotten CoastPosts: 312 Deckhand
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Freak accident caused my Carbon Marine G3LR graphite push pole to pop loose, submarine and snap in two about halfway. It was originally 22 feet long. Repaired with a CM heavy duty ferrule kit but I had to cut out a shard, so lost two feet. Pole is now 20 feet with a nylon tip and bridged fork. No leaks or cracks.

Here's the description from Carbon Marine:
"The G3LR is our top of the line pole, for when you must have the best of the best. Our G3LR is assembled from a single, autoclaved tube of carbon fiber to get the lightest and stiffest possible pole. At 21ft the G3LR weighs 4lbs."



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