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Pompano Beach - 29th Nov 2020 - Offshore Kayak Fishing

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Pompano Beach - 29th Nov 2020 - Offshore Kayak Fishing

The Thanksgiving Holiday weekend provided some nice weather to be thankful for after some wind earlier in the week.  I launched off the beach at 5 am and to my surprise, the bait was very cooperative.  Before the moon set, I had a half dozen google eyes and a pair of nice blue runners. On the way out deeper I trolled a Yozuri Crystal minnow which was struck in 70ft of water before sunrise.  It was a medium-sized tail snagged King Mackerel that came unbuttoned alongside the kayak.  Had I wanted to target Kings, it probably would have been productive to have deployed the live bait shallower, but that was not my objective.   I was hoping to find a full moon bite on the Wahoo.  As I got out deeper, it became apparent that many boaters were out with a similar objective.  Most of the boaters were trolling planners.   A couple of boaters did succeed in posting nice Wahoos on other forms of social media.  My slow trolled live goggle eyes produced Cuban Wahoos, Aka “Great Barracuda” :(  

Fishing on the deeper wrecks was incredibly slow.  Normally I can meter many fish to keep me entertained as I work my jigs through the depths.  Last Sunday there were less fish to meter to work with the lures and bait on.  Every now and then I would meter a good follow on the jig.

In the above photo, A pack of larger targets swam down to intercept out my lure about 170ft down.  After I noted the swim by, I free spooled the lure at 50ft, hoping to get a more committed response on the sink.  Instances like this are what keep me fishing even when I have not had a strike in over an hour.  It takes just one good fish to make the day/month/season.  The current was under 1 kt Sth all day, and the wind went from calm to under 12kts out of the SE in the afternoon.  The wind contrary to the current made for a bumpy afternoon.  Before I hung it up, I did manage to catch a Little Tunny, Almaco Jack, Amberjack and a spoiler Mutton snapper -- ½” short of keeper size.

All fish were released.

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