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Seaduck Surprise

uplandbirddoguplandbirddog Gulf StreamPosts: 74 Deckhand
Did some seaduck and diver hunting on the Chesapeake Bay this past weekend. Everything I read online said these birds were hardly worth eating, but I'm not a fan of killing for sport so I was determined to come up with a solid recipe for them. I was thinking some sort of hearty stew to mask the apparent fishy flavor, but before I went through with the recipe I trimmed the orange fat off a breast, salt and peppered that bad boy and threw it on the grill until medium rare to see what I was working with flavor-wise. Boy that duck was **** good. Tasted just like any other wild duck I've had. Brined out the rest of the breasts in whole milk for approx 3 hours, trimmed all the orange fat, marinated in red wine, garlic, and soy for an hour or two and grilled them all medium rare. Served with a port wine reduction sauce, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts for Thanksgiving dinner. My friends who never tried wild duck loved it. The next day I brined and marinated the thighs the same way and slow cooked them in a pot with water, chicken stock, onions, garlic, red wine, and tomato sauce and shredded all the meat off the bones after a few hours. Served with corn tortillas and a little cheese and sheeeesh was that good too. You could barely tell it wasn't beef. One of the most underrated birds I've ever had the honor to harvest and eat. 


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