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Thanksgiving 2020

What a beauty of a weekend!  Sometimes it feels like the nice days only come when you're tied to the desk, but the SW Florida weekenders scored big for Thanksgiving 2020.

Seemed like I wasn't the only one who noticed, lots of boats underway.  It's a big Gulf out there though, and everyone was in a courteous mood, so I didn't mind a bit.

Between the pleasure cruises to entertain family, we made it offshore of Venice on 11/28...

I arrived my Pinfish trap to find it plugged with urchins, so I headed offshore with only 2 live baits.  Stopped off at a wreck in 45 ft and encountered a smorgasbord of Sardines & Cigar Minnows.  They cooperated nicely, and we loaded up ~30 baits in a few drifts.  Zipped out to 65 ft and found a bunch of lanes and short reds & gags.  

Picked up and ran a little further to 75ft. Plenty of (average) Lanes and (small) Vermillion coming over the rail on the squid rig. A bunch of small Porgies too. The live baits did their job on the red groupers.  Caught 5 keepers, but only took 2 home.  

Also caught two nice kings on the drift bait - stinger rig w/ a 2 oz egg sinker 15 pulls down.  Whiffed on a third, so there's plenty out there.

Flew home during sunset at 35 kts, feet on the dash.  All-in-all, a gem of day!


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