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CK 11/27

We had a great day out of CK yesterday. We left Melrose at 6 am and was home before sunset with a 4 man limit of ARS and gags. We spent about an hour and a half trying to catch a few pinfish and believe me it was very few, probably more sand perch than pinfish, ended up with maybe 2 dz combined. We ran on out to 70 ft and went to one of our best numbers and boy did it look different than last June. I guess maybe the storms this fall have rearranged the bottom. I skeptical of it holding fish but we fished it anyway, golly was I surprised, the fish were there on what little structure was there. The bite wasn't real fast but good enough to keep it interesting, I think we ended up with 4 ARS and 6 gags off of the first stop. We went to the next number and caught our last 2 gags and one snapper real fast. When JJ caught that snapper he saw other fish come up the water column with it so I started chumming with cut up threadfins. We finished off the snapper limit by free lining  threadfins on lighter tackle, a lot of fun.
A great day on the water with good friends.


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